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Change to FACTOR’s Semi-Annual Review Process

Please note the following change to FACTOR’s Semi-Annual Profile Review.

Effective immediately, FACTOR’s Semi-Annual Profile Review of artist and applicant profiles will be completed by client request only. Following the Semi-Annual review, artist and applicant ratings can go up, but they will not go down. Ratings issued at the Annual Profile Review (effective April 1, 2017) will now be valid until April 1, 2018.

To update a profile, log in to and add new information. When you’ve finished your updates, click the Request Review button on the main page of the profile. The deadline to update your profile and click the Request Review button is Thursday, August 31, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

If you have questions or concerns about updating your profiles, please contact your assigned Project Coordinator.

Artists – Who should update?
– Artists currently rated 2 and General should update if they want to be considered for a higher rating. Check the table of snapshot scores for artists 3 and 2 to see if you have achieved or are approaching scores for the next rating.
– Artists currently rated 3 should not update! Ratings cannot go down at the Semi-Annual Review.
Applicants – Who should update?
Eligible Music Companies should update if they want to advance to a company rating of 2 or 3. These ratings provide access to Business Travel funding in the Support for Eligible Music Companies program, as well as the lower tier of the Comprehensive Music Company program for record labels. Check our rating one-sheets for details on requirements for each rating: