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Envelope Funding for Music Companies – April 15, 2020

FACTOR is pleased to announce the launch of the Envelope Funding for Music Companies program.

The Envelope Funding program is the result of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Music Fund (CMF) Modernization initiative. Envelope Funding builds on the CMF’s strengths while increasing flexibility and resources for Canadian music companies undertaking activities that are central to the development of Canadian artists, the promotion of their music and the expansion of their audience.

For the 2020-2021 fiscal year, Envelope Funding will be available to Canadian music companies that meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the Program Guidelines (PDF). Companies will provide information to verify eligibility in their FACTOR Applicant Profile. Be advised that eligibility criteria for this program may change in future fiscal years.

Companies that are interested in this program and are new to the FACTOR system are invited to create an Applicant Profile prior to the program deadline. Please contact FACTOR to discuss.

If the majority of the company’s investments relate to French-language artists, applicants should submit their application to Musicaction. Applicants representing both French- and English-language artists whose proportion of production/marketing of French-language musical content is less than 50% can still submit their application to Musicaction if they typically submitted their application to them in the past.

Full details on the program are available in the Program Guidelines (PDF), Application Form (Excel), and an Application Checklist (PDF).

Applications are submitted by uploading materials to the Applicant Profile in the FACTOR portal. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

2020-2021 is the pilot year of this program. For this year, note that meeting the eligibility requirements will not guarantee funding in this program. Applicants who are not funded under Envelope Funding will be directed to continue in project-based funding in the Support for Eligible Music Companies and Comprehensive Music Company programs. All eligibility criteria for those programs will apply. In this event, FACTOR will allow project applications and expenses to be backdated to April 1, 2020.

The FACTOR team is happy to answer questions about the program and application process. Please direct questions to:

Megan Jones, Operations Manager –
Derek Wilson, Senior Project Coordinator, Envelope Funding –
Amanda Lewis, Project Coordinator – Envelope Funding –