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FACTOR @ MusicNL Week 2021: 1-on-1 Meetings

Meet FACTOR at Music NL Week 2021! FACTOR staff will be available for virtual 1-on-1 meetings on Tuesday, February 2nd and Wednesday, February 3rd .

This is a great opportunity to ask questions, find out more about FACTOR programs, and see what funding is available for your next project.

FACTOR Project Coordinator, Envelope Funding, Amanda Lewis, will be taking 1-on-1 meetings on Tuesday, February 2nd from 5:00 pm NST to 6:00 pm NST.

FACTOR Project Coordinator, Chayne Japal, will be taking 1-on-1 meetings on Wednesday, February 3rd from 1:00 pm NST to 2:00 pm NST.

Click here to sign up for a meeting on February 2nd.
Click here to sign up for a meeting on February 3rd.

Please note that meetings are open only to MusicNL members. The meetings are limited to one time slot per artist/applicant.

All meetings will be conducted on Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to you directly one day before your meeting date/time.

If you have any questions email