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#FACTORfunded February 2021 Releases

FACTOR-funded February 2021 Releases

Listen to our #FACTORfunded playlist!

Alfie Zappacosta – Saved (Comprehensive Music Company, Jazz, AB)
Ann Vriend – Everybody Matters (Juried Sound Recording, Soul/R&B, AB)
Blessed – iii (Comprehensive Music Company, Experimental, BC)
cEvin Key – Resonance (Comprehensive Music Company, Experimental, BC)
Dominique Fils-Aimé – Three Little Words (Juried Sound Recording, Soul/R&B, QC)
Eliana Cuevas – El Curruchá (Comprehensive Music Company, World, ON)
Kat Danser – One Eye Open (Comprehensive Music Company, Blues, AB)
Kyle Connolly – On Arrival (Comprehensive Music Company, Rock, ON)
Small Sins – Volume II (Juried Sound Recording, Alternative, ON)
The Weather Station – Ignorance (Comprehensive Music Company, Folk, ON)
Ventus Machina – Roots (Juried Sound Recording, Classical, NB)

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(Note: If you’ve commercially released a FACTOR-funded album that does not appear on this list, it means that you have not provided and updated Commercial Release Date for the funded project. Once you’ve updated the project in the FACTOR Portal, email the relevant release details to and we’ll add you to this list.)