Songwriter’s Workshop

The Songwriter’s Workshop Support program helps professional songwriters pay for the cost of attending domestic and international songwriting workshops and seminars on the craft and business of songwriting. Canadian professional songwriters can apply.

Components in this program

The only component in this program is Songwriter’s Workshop Support.

Who is Eligible

  • Songwriter

Professional songwriters with an approved applicant profile can apply.

A professional songwriter is defined as a Canadian songwriter with membership in a performing rights organization (e.g. SOCAN), and whose songs are primarily intended to be performed and/or recorded by someone other than the songwriter.


This program has rolling deadlines. You can apply multiple times throughout the year, up to the funding maximum. Applications must be submitted at least one day prior to the start of the trip.

Funding & Payments

FACTOR will contribute 75% of the total eligible budget up to an annual maximum of $750. Funding is a grant, paid out 100% on approval. However, applicants are required to submit a completion report which may modify the amount of the offer.

Assessment Process

FACTOR staff assess the eligibility of the projects and costs and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for their approval. Assessment time is six to eight weeks from the date of application.