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New Program: Support for Live Music Events

In the Fall Economic Statement, the Minister of Finance announced additional funding to support the planning and presentation of events and shows in response to COVID-19. $15 million is allocated to the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) via the Canada Music Fund (CMF). FACTOR and Musicaction will administer these funds through a new program, Support to Live Music Events.

The purpose of the Support for Live Music Events program is to stimulate the employment of Canadian artists and cultural workers, including technicians and other service providers and supporting workers, by providing financial support for live music events featuring Canadian artists that can be presented before an in-person audience and/or through digital dissemination. The funding will mitigate the significant financial risks associated with presenting live music events in the current uncertain climate. Events supported through the Canada Music Fund (CMF) are expected to generate earning opportunities for artists and cultural workers in the live music sector.

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