How to Apply

Welcome to FACTOR!

Before you get started with an application we encourage you to think about why you’re interested in applying. Our Programs is a great place to start your research. This page allows you to see what activities we fund and shows you the programs that fund them.

Once you’re ready to apply for FACTOR funding, start here:

Our Step-by-step Guide to Applications

  1. Are you Eligible?

    Each of our programs have specific eligibility requirements, which can include an array of material you’re expected to provide on application and completion.

    Take time to thoroughly read Program Guidelines and Business Policies before you begin any application. Our Applicant FAQ may also cover some of your initial questions.

    Remember, you can contact FACTOR any time if your questions aren’t covered in any of the sources above.

    Additionally, there are eligibility requirements related to your artist and/or applicant ratings. To learn more, check out the Profile & Ratings page, or the Who Can Apply? section of the program guidelines.

  2. Create a User Profile

    Your user profile is your personal log-in information for FACTOR’s online portal. It’s your email address and a password. You will be using this profile every time you log in to FACTOR.

    You only need one user profile with FACTOR, even if you play in multiple bands, or work for more than one music company. You can create and administer as many artist profiles, applicant profiles and projects as necessary with your single user profile.

    Click the sign-in link at the top right corner of the home page to create your user profile.

  3. Once you’ve created your user profile, you will need to create two additional profiles – an applicant profile and an artist profile.

    To create an applicant profile, log in to your user profile and select the applicant tab to be directed to the applicant dashboard.

    An applicant profile represents the individual, partnership, or corporation that will enter into a general agreement with FACTOR if funding is offered. The name of the applicant must match the name on the bank account into which funding will be paid.

    If you’re a solo artist, you must provide your address and SIN to complete your applicant profile. If you’re in a band, decide which individual band member will take responsibility for the funding as the applicant. If your band has a company structure, FACTOR needs to know who owns it, and who should be designated as signing authorities. You will need to upload supporting company documentation.

    If you’re applying to FACTOR as a songwriter, artist manager, record label, distributor, publisher, or to any of our Collective Initiative programs, you will need to provide FACTOR with additional Qualifying Criteria.

    After you’ve filled out all the required information, you’re ready to submit your applicant profile for review. Hit the request review button on the main page of the applicant profile.

    If your applicant profile is for an artist or a songwriter, you will receive an immediate provisional rating. Music company approved ratings may take up to five business days to be assigned, and higher company ratings are only available during FACTOR’s review periods.

    As soon as you submit your first profile, you will be assigned a project coordinator. Your project coordinator will be your go-to person at FACTOR. They will review your projects and can answer any FACTOR-related questions.

    One more thing: FACTOR only assesses (or reassesses) a music company’s applicant profile during our Annual Review (at end of fiscal) and by request when a company has market activity which merits access to higher-tier funding. During the Annual Review, ratings may increase, remain the same, or drop, based on the Qualifying Criteria provided.

  4. If you’re applying on behalf of or as a solo artist, band or ensemble, you’ll need to create and submit an artist profile as well as an applicant profile.

    An artist profile provides FACTOR with a snapshot of the artist’s music career thus far. This helps FACTOR determine artist profile ratings and program eligibility.

    To create an artist profile, log in to your user profile and select the artist tab to be directed to the artist dashboard.

    Every artist profile contains two types of information: Mandatory Information and Additional Information. You must complete the Mandatory Information section. If this is the only information you choose to fill out, an immediate provisional General Artist rating will be assigned once you submit for review. With this rating you can apply to FACTOR’s most popular programs: Artist Development, JSR: Single/EP, JSR: Album and the Showcase component of the Live Performance program.

    If you decide to provide Additional Information, a new menu will appear in the top right corner of the artist profile. You can complete as many or as few of these sections as you want. See our Artist Profile Additional Information Guide.

    All artist profiles, even solo artists, must include artist member information. This is found under the mandatory information section of the artist profile. Be prepared to provide proof of Canadian citizenship for the artist members, a requirement to apply to FACTOR.

    Hit the request review button on the main page of the artist profile once the artist profile is completed.

    One more thing: FACTOR assesses (or re-assesses) artist profiles that provide Additional Information during our Annual Review at fiscal year end and by request when an artist has significant market activity which merits access to higher-tier funding. After these reviews, artists profiles with the strongest data collected are assigned ratings of Artist 2 or Artist 3. Remember to update your profile before the Annual Review deadline. After the deadline, FACTOR staff rescores all profiles based on the most recent data submitted. Artists ratings may increase, remain the same, or drop.

    Sample values for Artist 2 and Artist 3 ratings can be found on the Profiles & Ratings for Artists page.

  5. Once you have submitted your profiles and received ratings, you can begin to create projects.

    To do so, follow our Step by Step Guide to Applications.

    Remember, some programs require specific ratings. If you do not see them on your program drop down and are certain all necessary profiles received ratings, that may mean your applicant or artist is not eligible.

    Before you begin your project it’s always a good idea to read through its program guidelines and our business policies. If you have any questions, don’t forget your project coordinator is here to help you.

  6. Post Approval

    Congratulations! You’re now #FACTORFunded. After a project has been approved, an offer of funding is sent to the project administrator via email. Anyone listed as a signing authority in the applicant profile will receive an email with information on how to digitally accept the offer of funding.

    In some programs (such as Juried Sound Recording), new components can be added post approval. Make sure to read the program guidelines to understand how this is done.

    How do you get paid? You will need provide your project coordinator with the applicant’s direct deposit information via a void cheque plus FACTOR’s direct deposit form. Once we have your direct deposit information, an advance payment will be issued.

  7. Now you’re ready to fulfill the goals you laid out in your application.

    Refer to FACTOR’s Completion Guide and your project’s program guidelines project completion section for more information on what to submit to FACTOR before your completion deadline. Helpful documents may also be found in the Recipient Resources.

    Our Post Approval page covers some of the most common questions you may have regarding your approved project.

    And don’t forget: You can always contact your project coordinator with any questions.

  8. Project Completion and Expense Documentation

    Once you finish the activity within an approved project, you are required to submit a completion. This must be done before the assigned completion deadline. You can find that date on your project’s home page. Need more time? See our Deadlines and Extension Policy.

    A completion shows FACTOR what you accomplished and how you spent your funding. Some program’s completions will require that you provide invoices as well as proof of payment for every single expense item claimed. This material is referred to as your expense documentation, and is covered within FACTOR’s completion guide. Make sure you’ve set up a system to keep those items in order.

    Your component will receive its final payment (if applicable) once your completion and all expense documentation have been reviewed by your project coordinator.