Support to Music Venues and Concert Promoters

As part of the Canada Arts and Culture Recovery Program (CACRP), $14 million is to be delivered through the Canada Music Fund (CMF) in 2022-2023 as Support to Music Venues and Concert Promoters.

This initiative aims to keep Canadian-owned music venues and concert promoters operating during this time of socio-economic uncertainty, ensuring Canadian artists may continue to perform to audiences across Canada. This temporary financial support will allow companies and organizations in Canada’s live music sector to continue i) to produce and promote a diversity of Canadian music in a world of choice ii) to be competitive at home and abroad and iii) to contribute to Canada’s creative economy.

Priority will be given to Canadian-owned music venues and concert promoters who are not regular recipients of the CMF, in recognition of the essential nature of the live music sector in achieving the objectives of this program.

Applicants receiving funding under the CMF’s regular programs in 2022-23 may apply for this initiative; however, their eligibility and possible funding levels will be reviewed alongside their regular funding and demonstration of the impact of the pandemic on their live music revenue.

Submitting an application does not guarantee funding and is subject to availability of funds and number of applicants. A recipient of funding support from previous emergency measures who has not completed the reporting requirements with FACTOR will not be able to create an application for this new initiative.

Note: The link to apply is contained within the program guidelines and does not require access via FACTOR’s client portal.

The deadline to apply is July 25, 2022, at 5:00pm ET.


Program Guidelines

Who Can Apply?

Who Can Apply

Those specializing in live music and which:

  1. Are Canadian-owned and -controlled,
  2. Support the career development of Canadian artists and/or offer musical programming by Canadian artists (i.e. applicants must demonstrate that they play an essential role in the development of the careers of Canadian artists),
  3. Have been in operation for a full year and have presented concerts by Canadian artists before March 2020,
  4. Do not receive CACRP funding from other participating programs, including the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF), the Museums Assistance Program (MAP) as well as the Canada Council for the Arts (CAC) and Telefilm Canada, and
  5. Pay fees and salaries to artists, technicians, and cultural workers.

The following applicants are ineligible for the Support to Music Venues and Concert Promoters program:

  1. Foreign-owned music companies (firms not owned and controlled by Canadians) operating in Canada and their related associations.
  2. Service companies (lighting, sound, staging, catering, transportation, security, ticketing)
  3. Radio and television broadcasters and music streaming services, including online streaming platforms.
  4. Venues whose primary live music programming does not feature individual artists or help develop the careers of Canadian artists, such as, musicals, retrospective/tribute shows, dinner theatre, charity, or corporate shows, etc.
  5. Venues whose capacity is greater than 3,500.
  6. Venues associated with a city/municipality or an educational institution.
  7. Artist-entrepreneurs
  8. Artist managers and booking agents
  9. Music festivals
  10. All other applicants supported by other PCH programs through this initiative (the CACRP).

How To Apply

The link to apply for Support to Music Venues and Concert Promoters is contained within the program guidelines.
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