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Applications Open for Keychange Talent Development Program 2023

As lead funder of their work in Canada, FACTOR advises of Keychange’s invitation to women and gender minority Artists and Innovators to take part in an extensive talent development program of showcases, panels, workshops, mentoring and creative sessions. The year-long program takes place at 13 festivals across Europe and Canada, including two full network meet-ups in February and September. As well as exporting opportunities, the Keychange talent development program helps participants get to the next stage in their career through targeted training.



As a Keychange participant you will be part of an amazing network of women and gender minorities from all over the world. Ultimately, what you get out of Keychange will also depend on how much you can commit to Keychange – but we have a passionate network of individuals and organizations who will work with you to support your development. The Keychange program aims to develop you, and make you feel part of change in the music industry. Keychange and partners invest an average of €9,000 per participant towards holistic support which significantly impacts their creative and career progression.


What all participants will receive:
– A full network meet-up in Brussels, Belgium*
– A full network meet-up at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany*
– A showcase or a panel at one of our 13 festival partners*
– Capacity building with a bespoke training program
– Mentoring possibility via the we.grow program in partnership with
– Promotion via Keychange channels and networks
– Access to a dedicated networking platform for Keychange participants
*COVID-19 permitting. If you are unable to travel, we will provide suitable online alternatives.



To be eligible for Keychange you must:
– Be a woman or gender minority
– Be 18 or over
– Live and work in one of our 12 partner countries; Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden or the UK.
– Be able to communicate in and understand English
– Be an Artist OR an Innovator working in music (e.g. industry professional or executive)
– Already have a track record in the music industry, or display strong potential
– Be ready for international career development
– Be committed to participating in our movement for change
Click here for full criteria



All applicants will need to fill in an application form on Flexigrant, the PRS Foundation grants portal.

The Keychange application form will:

  • Gather basic contact information on applicants
  • Enable the applicant to state whether they want to be considered as an Artist or an Innovator
  • Ask for a short applicant Biography
  • Enable applicants to outline their career to date and achievements
  • Assess whether an applicant is at the right time in their career to be a part of Keychange
  • Ask applicants how they will make the most of the opportunity to develop their creative and business aims during and after the project
  • Establish how the applicant would contribute to the Keychange network
  • Gather voluntary information to monitor the breadth and diversity of applicants.


Further information
Please see the Full Call Text and Criteria and How to Apply on the Keychange website.

Download this information in French here.