About FACTOR Jurors

FACTOR relies on the participation of members of the Canadian music industry to determine which eligible projects are funded under FACTOR’s Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording programs. These members are called Jurors.

Jurors are volunteers with substantial music industry experience. Their knowledge, expertise, and ability to interpret the current music landscape makes them qualified to help FACTOR assess which applications have the most potential for success within FACTOR’s mandate.

FACTOR draws on a broad and diverse range of industry professionals to help funding reach artists in every community across Canada, in a wide spectrum of genres and styles. We believe that peer evaluation ensures a fair and transparent process and promotes equal representation throughout the industry.

How do the juries work?

Juries are held five times this fiscal, after the deadlines for the Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording programs. Jurors can participate in as many juries as they like, provided there are no conflicts of interest.

Assessments are completed online through FACTOR’s website, allowing jurors to participate from any location at their own convenience within the time-frame provided.

Jurors are required to review all assessment tracks and application materials, score the submission based on the program’s criteria, and provide objective and constructive feedback.

Funding for the Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording programs is distributed to the eligible projects that score highest in the jury process. The number of projects funded within each program is limited by the program’s overall funding budget.

Who is eligible?

Music industry professionals are eligible to become accredited jurors if:

  • They are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • They have a minimum of 5 years of music industry experience, and have been active in the industry within the last 2 years

Jurors must have confidence in their ability to make an objective assessment of a project based on the assessment tracks and documents provided.

FACTOR jurors are valued for their experience in the Canadian music industry. Our jurors specialize in many genres, career paths, and artistic focuses, some of which include artists, producers, managers, agents, promoters, record labels, publishers, publicists, programming and music directors, radio personalities, and more. We are always expanding our jury pool, so if you are interested in participating in the decision-making process, please consider becoming a FACTOR juror.

Become a juror

To submit an application to become an accredited FACTOR Juror:

  • Sign in to the FACTOR Portal to become a juror (note: you’ll need to create a user profile if you haven’t done so already)
  • Once logged in, navigate to the JURY page from the top menu or click here.
  • Fill out the Juror Application Form.
  • When you’re satisfied with the information you’ve provided, click SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Your application will be reviewed by our Jury Supervisor within 5 business days.