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Artist Development Plan Template Tips!

Having trouble filling out the new Artist Development Plan? Here are some tips that might help!


  • Opening/downloading the form:
  1. Do not export the form into another program (i.e Word). This will interfere with the functionality and the form will no longer be fillable.
  2. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as both browsers have Adobe readers built into them, and allows the form to be filled in directly in the browser. Don’t forget to save it!
  3. If using Safari or Edge, you will need to download the Artist Development Plan form and open it in Adobe. Safari and Edge’s built in reader is not Adobe and will not function properly.
  • When filling out the form:
  1. Questions 1 and 3 have word limits. Please note that this also includes punctuation so be mindful of the information you’re filling in.
  2. If you navigate away from the text boxes it will appear as though the form has cut off your filled out information. This is not the case. Clicking inside of the text box will produce a scroll bar on the right hand side of the box, and all of your information will be accessible.
  • Saving the form: Again, if you are not using the most up to date version of Adobe, the form will not save correctly. Please refer back to Step 1 to ensure you are using the correct version.