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Budget Updates for Completions and Applications

The FACTOR portal has been updated to reflect the following changes on the Budget tab of both the Application and Completion.


Clients are no longer required to re-enter information about each budget line on the website. The Cost Report will suffice as the completion budget. This streamlining will significantly reduce the time it takes to submit a completion and also make it easier for staff to review completions.


For all programs except Collective Initiatives, the application budget process has been changed to mirror the completion budget process. Instead of filling out each budget line in the portal, a spreadsheet template titled Application Budget, will be available for download on the Budget tab. Collective Initiatives applicants can submit their own budget. This spreadsheet must be uploaded with your application, and will serve as your budget for the component application. This spreadsheet is a simplified version of the Cost Report that will be required at completion.

For more information on how to submit a completion, read through our Completion Guide.