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Part 2 – Phase 2: CMF COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund

Further to the announcement on July 7 about Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations, comes the launch of Phase 2 – Part 2 targeting Canadian-owned recording studios, music video producers, record labels and music publishers that are not recipients of the CMF (Canada Music Fund). The total amount available for Phase 2 – Part 2 is $5 million.


The deadline to submit an application for funding under Phase 2 – Part 2 Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

For full details on eligibility criteria, how to apply, and FAQ’s, click here. 
Who can apply?

Canadian music entrepreneurs and organizations that do not normally receive funding from the CMF, and more specifically Canadian-owned:

  • recording studios;
  • music video producers;
  • record labels (that are not recipients of the CMF);
  • music publishers (that are not recipients of the CMF).


How can you use this funding?

The funds must be used to support the Canadian portion of eligible music-related activities (i.e. related to Canadian artists), specifically:

  • Activities related to the production, promotion, and marketing of Canadian sound recordings; and
  • Activities related to Canadian music publishing.

The funding will cover the following eligible expenses:

  • Salaries and benefits, professional fees as well as artists’ fees.
  • Administrative expenses.
  • Fixed operational costs (rent, electricity, etc.) for a maximum of $10,000.
  • Contractual or financial obligations related to touring or other canceled music events.
  • Contractual or financial obligations arising from other music-related activities (deposits for studio fees, rehearsal spaces, etc.).
  • COVID reopening materials (e.g. floor signage, masks, gloves, keypad covers, Plexiglas barriers for cashiers, etc.).
For full details on eligibility criteria, how to apply, and FAQ’s, click here. 

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