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COVID-19 Related Program Changes

COVID-19 Related Program Changes

The minimum funding contribution percentage

The minimum percentage of FACTOR’s funding contribution is now 75% of the total eligible budget, across all programs.
This change comes as part of a relief effort from the Department of Canadian Heritage. Components already currently funded at 100%, 75%, or subsidy-based will not change.

For components that were previously funded at 50%, FACTOR will now fund at 75%. This affects the following programs:

  • Collective Initiatives – Industry Events and Showcase Production for Export-Ready Artists
  • Comprehensive Artist – Sound Recording, Marketing
  • Comprehensive Music Company – Sound Recording, Marketing
  • Marketing and Promotion for Non-FACTOR-funded Sound Recordings – Marketing
  • Support for Eligible Music Companies – Business Development, Business Travel, Songwriter Support for
    Music Publisher
Cancellation Policy

FACTOR will honour all approved commitments at 100% of the amount approved for funding in situations where the event or activity was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Payments will be made as soon as the applicant submits documentation of project component completion to FACTOR, indicating a coronavirus cancelled activity. Applicants will be asked to file evidence of losses due to non-recoverable expenses incurred.

Some clients may have questions on how this will affect the annual program limits (“caps”). The annual cap in the program where the claim is made will be reduced by the amount of the completion minus the documented non-recoverable expenses. Large events should contact FACTOR prior to making any claims and discuss their situation with the project coordinator in charge of their file.

Travel Applications

As of April 23, 2020 FACTOR is no longer processing new travel-based applications until travel restrictions are lifted by local governments and health authorities. To see which programs and components are affected click here.

Envelope Funding

In order to help Canada Music Fund (CMF) recipients manage the crisis, the Department of Canadian Heritage and FACTOR have made changes to the Envelope Funding for Music Companies program and application process.

Please click here to learn more of the most recent changes.


If there are any kind of changes in your FACTOR-funded project plans such as delayed release dates, travel issues, cancellations, or postponements due to COVID-19 – email your Project Coordinator ASAP with details!