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FACTOR – JUNO Awards Tribute Video

FACTOR was immensely proud to be a part of honouring Canadian musical talent during this weekend’s JUNO Awards celebrations and, along with the rest of Canada and the global audience, cheered all the nominees and congratulated the award recipients. The successes of so many FACTOR-funded artists remind us of the impact our programs make in building careers.

Those watching the Opening Night Awards on June 4th saw FACTOR’s highlight reel, available here, which paid tribute to 50 years of JUNO Awards and, nearly as long, FACTOR’s contributions to assisting Canadian talent and the production of each year’s big nights of saluting artists and those who make an impact on the industry. This year was also special for the presentation of the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award to Pegi Cecconi, undisputed music industry legend, trailblazer, and former FACTOR Chair of the Board. The presentation of this award is available here and includes induction by FACTOR’s President & CEO, Meg Symsyk.