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Important Changes to Artist Profiles

With over 6 weeks to go until our annual profile review deadline, we've introduced some changes to the artist profile to make it easier to get an artist rating for the first time. These changes will also clarify what you need to know when you update your artist profile before FACTOR's yearly profile review deadlines in February and in August. 

The menu options on your artist profile window now appear as Mandatory Information and Additional Information.  

Choose whether you intend to submit additional information on the landing page of the artist profile. If you select “No,” only the Mandatory Information menu will be visible. You can change your response at any time to reveal the Additional Information menu.

Artists who only submit Mandatory Information can receive a maximum rating of General Artist. Artists who also submit Additional Information will receive a General Artist rating initially and potentially receive a rating of General Artist, Artist 2, or Artist 3 after FACTOR’s profile review deadlines. For more on artist ratings, visit our Profiles & Ratings for Artists page.

Mandatory Information

Everyone needs to complete the Mandatory Information sections to receive an artist rating. 

Mandatory Information tells FACTOR about who you are: where you’re from; who plays in your band / ensemble; whether you and your bandmates are Canadian citizens or permanent residents; your genre(s); and a discography section, where you can list past releases. 

Check out our Artist Profile Tutorial for help with your Mandatory Information. Remember to save frequently, and make sure to return to the landing page and click the Request Review button when you’re done.

Note: The discography section will appear under both the Mandatory Information and Additional Information menus. If you want to submit album sales or streaming data along with your discography info, you will need to provide it as Additional Information. This data cannot be submitted if you only choose to provide Mandatory Info.

Additional Information

If you select “Yes” to providing Additional Information, you’ll still need to complete the Mandatory Information sections first.

Under Additional Information, you’ll see the following menu options:

  • Discography
  • Live Performance Information
  • Radio Charting History
  • Social Media Presence
  • Team
  • Sync Licenses

To learn more about what kind of info FACTOR is looking for in each of these sections, check out our Artist Profile Additional Information Guide.

You’ll need strong results in most of the Additional Information sections, including Discography and Live Performance, to receive a rating of Artist 2 or Artist 3. Our Profiles & Ratings for Artists page will give youa sense of the numbers you need to aim for to get an artist rating above General Artist.

Profile Review Deadlines

Twice a year FACTOR rescores all the artist profiles in our system, based on the most current information provided by you. The annual profile review deadline happens at the end of February, and the semi-annual profile review deadline happens in August.  For more info, click over to our Deadlines page.

If you only submit Mandatory Information:

  • your profile won’t be affected during the profile review period(s). As long as you are keeping your Mandatory Information up to date, you don’t need to take any further action.

If you submit Additional Information,

  • your profile will be reviewed after the profile review deadline, and a new artist rating may be assigned. These are the only times a year that General Artists can increase their ratings. It is also when profiles rated Artist 2 or Artist 3 can lose their ratings. It’s important to make sure that your data is current and accurate before the profile review deadlines, as this will be the data that FACTOR uses to determine your artist rating.