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IMPORTANT NEW Artist & Applicant Profile Information

The following changes for artists applying to the Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording Programs are in effect as of the May 31st 2018 deadline.
First-time Artists applying to either program:

If you have never applied to FACTOR before, you must first create and submit an Artist Profile and an Applicant Profile before you can create and submit your Project application. You may do this any time, including the same day you submit your application. To do so, complete only the Mandatory Information section of the Artist Profile. You do not need to complete the Additional Information section of the Artist Profile to get the General Artist rating.

The Applicant Profile provides the details of the person or entity that is contracting for the FACTOR funding. This is often one member of the Artist band.

Once you have created and submitted these profiles, they will automatically receive a provisional rating that allows you to go straight to the application process. You do not have to wait for the profiles to be reviewed by FACTOR before starting your application.

Return Artists applying to either program:

If you have previously applied to FACTOR in any program, you should apply to this program using the same Applicant Profile and Artist Profile that you already have (updated as required).