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Live Performance & Video Program Updates

With travel and gathering restrictions still in place, FACTOR is expanding eligibility and increasing funding limits for live streaming activities.


Recipients with active Juried Sound Recording projects will be granted a one-time top-up of $10,000 to the video funding limit, increasing the Video component cap to $30,000.

Live Performance

Showcase: Virtual showcases that are part of any events listed on our Eligible Showcase List are eligible for support through the Showcase component of the Live Performance program.

Tour Support: Artists with paid/ticketed virtual performances who are eligible for Tour Support (based on their current artist rating or existing projects), should contact FACTOR to see if their project is eligible under the Tour Support component of the Live Performance program.

Funding will be based on 75% of expenses at FACTOR’s discretion up to existing limits, but without consideration to subsidy calculation. Examples of eligible expenses in the Showcase and Tour Support components are: musician fees, equipment technician, lighting technician, sound mixer, childcare support hired to care for the artist’s children, registration, rehearsal costs, and music supplies.

A reminder that funding for live streaming of performances or other marketing activities are eligible through the Video component in various programs, even if they do not meet the Showcase and Tour Support requirements.

Reach out to your Project Coordinator if you have any questions.