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FACTOR Publishes New Logo & Acknowledgment Guides

FACTOR's new Logo & Acknowledgment Guides

FACTOR has released 2 new Logo & Acknowledgment Guides. These guides will show you how to recognize the funding that you've received for your project. 

Everyone who receives FACTOR funding has to acknowledge where that funding comes from. FACTOR funding wouldn’t be possible without the support of Canada’s private broadcasters and the Government of Canada’s Canada Music Fund, which is administered by the Department of Heritage.

Logo guide for New Musical Works projects

FACTOR Logo & Acknowledgment Guide for New Music Works

Our Logo and Acknowledgment Guide is designed for artists and music companies with projects funded through the following programs: 

Logo guide for Sponsorship or Collective Initiatives projects

FACTOR Logo & Acknowledgment Guide - Sponsorship and Collective Initiatives

The Logo and Acknowledgement Guide – Sponsorship and Collective Initiatives is for projects funded through the following programs:

What You Need To Know

All FACTOR-funded albums require logos with correct acknowledgment text. The logos should be on the back of any physical packaging. You also need to include the right logos on marketing materials (print and digital) that advertise the record.

Comprehensive Artist and Comprehensive Music Companies have to have the logos and acknowledgment text displayed prominently on their websites. CA and CMC clients also need to include the logos on all materials resulting from activities funded in part by FACTOR. These include things like print or digital ads, social media accounts, promo materials for records, tours, or videos, etc.

Business Development clients need to include the logos and acknowledgment text on the products they produced with FACTOR funds. If you received funding to create a website, for instance, the website needs to have the logo.

Clients should get in touch with their Project Coordinators with questions. We encourage everyone to submit design drafts to their Project Coordinator for approval prior to releasing final versions. Our staff can point out any issues and advise you how to fix them early on.


Download the logo files

FACTOR + Government of Canada Logos for RecipientsLogos&Credits-thumb-320px