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Pegi Cecconi – A Farewell to the Queen

It would not be possible to express the profound sense of loss we at FACTOR have in bidding farewell to our friend and former colleague Pegi Cecconi – long-serving board member with three terms as Chair, industry builder, close confidant and mentor to both past and present FACTOR employees and board members.

“I was lucky enough to be mentored by Pegi over the last six years and am forever grateful for her advice and guidance on both the FACTOR board and the publishing industry,” said Board Chair Amy Eligh. “It’s hard for me to put into words how much I valued our time together and loved her stories and wisdom on an industry that at the best of times can be difficult to navigate. We’ve lost an Industry Titan. She ended her life as she lived it, on her own terms. Miss you Pegi, you truly are the QOFE.”

Director Emeritus Duff Roman recalls: “Pegi Cecconi defined the Canadian independent music scene – focused, efficient, committed, and always putting the artist first. She had a quick mind embellished with an even quicker sense of humour. She brought that savvy intelligence, talent, and work ethic from SRO-Anthem to the many roles she filled at every acronym in the industry: CIMA CIRPA, CMRRA, IDLA and, of course, FACTOR. Pegi was a firm believer in giving back. Her reputation preceded her when she arrived at the Foundation, volunteering as Treasurer and then appointed as Chair. Her 18-year tenure at FACTOR elevated the term “working board”, raising everyone’s game by example. She didn’t suffer fools. But, ultimately her superb executive skills and tough love approach would enshrine her as the Grande Dame of the Canadian Music Industry. I prefer the formality of the archaic to her own self-title as Queen of F ****** Everything. One of a kind. She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, my friend.”

“Pegi worked five decades in the music business and evolved with it, defending the artists, writers, and creators every step of the way. Her impact was felt globally as we all have a legendary Pegi Cecconi story, whether we witnessed it first-hand or not,” said FACTOR President & CEO Meg Symsyk. “That is a testament to her work ethic and daily ethos. Her unique quality was that she made you want to do business with her – even if it usually ended up on her terms. As her terms were always fair and she never made it about her. She was persuasive, tenacious and a comedian – as long as you didn’t put her in front of a microphone. Her impact, hilarious stories, and ‘Peg-isms’ will live on. Thank you, Pegi; I would not be where I am today without the guidance and mentorship from you.”