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Program Updates for 2019-2020

Our Business Policies and Program Guidelines are now updated and available on our website. Please make sure you are using the most current guidelines, Business Policies, and form templates for any upcoming applications.

See an overview of the important program changes below:

Business Policies

FACTOR’s Board of Directors will consider exceptions for program eligibility to artists who have ever had: Music Canada Platinum Album Certification in Canada; and/or worldwide sales of any one album of 100,000 units or more; and/or worldwide sales of all album releases equaling 200,000 units or more (including stream-equivalent albums per Music Canada Certification process). The Board will assess the artist’s need for public funding and how the proposed project will create opportunities for career growth. Contact your Project Coordinator to discuss.

To receive a company rating of 2 or higher, an eligible music company must meet all the requirements set out in the section 17.1 – with the new addition of:

• For the second and subsequent qualifying years, must meet a two-year average of at least $10,000 in annual gross revenues from music-related activities in the categories of artist management, record label/master exploitation, music publishing, and music distribution.

Juried Program Changes

As of April 1, 2019, FACTOR’s two juried programs, Artist Development (AD) and Juried Sound Recording (JSR), will have two deadlines per year. For the upcoming year the deadlines are Thursday, May 16, 2019, and Thursday, October 17, 2019.

Artists can only apply to one of the two juried programs (either AD or JSR), and only at one of the two deadlines (May 16 or Oct 17).

Artists will not be able to apply to two deadlines in a row.

The top 20 applications that do not receive funding will be eligible to make improvements to their applications and reapply for the next deadline without waiting a full 12 months. Clients will be notified when the jury results are communicated if they are eligible for this exception.

Prior to each deadline there will be a three-month window during which applications to AD and JSR can be created, edited and submitted.

Applicants who applied to either juried program at the January 31, 2019, deadline will be allowed to apply to the May 16, 2019, deadline.

Video Component and Video Program Guidelines

The funding limit was updated for the Video component in 2019-2020 as follows:

• Artist 3: $40,000 per FACTOR fiscal year, across all programs; and
• Artist 2 and General*: $20,000 per FACTOR fiscal year, across all programs.

*General artists are not eligible for the Video program; however, the Video component is available to General artists through all full-length sound recording and marketing programs.

The video content eligibility was expanded. Some examples of eligible activities include:

 • Traditional music videos, promotional videos, lyric videos, live streaming (for the full list of eligible activities see Video Component Guidelines).

Collective Initiatives Program Guidelines

Market development research is an eligible initiative under Industry Events component.

Application deadlines were clarified: Once the Letter of Intent has been approved or project is recurring, applications are due at least 3 months before project start date, except for the Showcase Production for Export-Ready Artists component which has 4 specific deadlines.

Applicants must include a company diversity and inclusion policy with their application.

Comprehensive Artist Program Guidelines

Phase 1 maximum increased from $62,500 to $82,500. The increase is due to specific funding for Video components, covered at 75% of eligible costs. See Guidelines for more details.

Comprehensive Music Company Program Guidelines

Upper Tier – Phase 1 maximum increased from $62,500 to $82,500

Lower Tier – Phase 1 maximum increased from $57,500 to $77,500

These increases are due to specific funding for Video components, covered at 75% of eligible costs. See Guidelines for more details.

Juried Sound Recording Program Guidelines

Artists rated 2 – Phase 1 maximum increased from $57,500 to $77,500

General Artists – Phase 1 maximum increased from $47,500 to $67,500

These increases are due to specific funding for Video components, covered at 75% of eligible costs. See Guidelines for more details.

Showcase Component Guidelines

In determining eligibility of private showcases, preference will be given to events where the organizers or the attendees have created explicit opportunities for engagements through the organization of meetings, or other methods, where artist representatives can meet potential buyers.

Qualifying Thresholds

In all programs and for all purposes, qualifying sales must be at least half digital, or physical from recognized retailers.

For more information about our programs and funding, head to our site at or check our 2017-2018 annual report.

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