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Songwriter Support for Music Publishers

FACTOR has added a new funding component called Songwriter Support for Music Publishers. This funding is part of the Support for Eligible Music Companies program and is exclusively for music publishers. The component provides a grant of up to $10k for Music Publishers rated 2 or $20k for Music Publishers rated 3 (see more on ratings below) to support songwriting initiatives for up to 3 songwriters per FACTOR fiscal year.

Some of the eligible activities are co-writing projects (domestic and international trips for songwriting sessions with other artists), songwriting camps and workshops, and showcase attendance.

The deadline to apply is November 21, 2019. Applications will be accepted starting in the fall.

Music publishers must have a Music Publisher rating of 2 or 3 in the FACTOR system in order to apply. See our Music Publisher Ratings document for information on eligibility.

For details on funding limits, eligible activities, and costs, review the Songwriter Support for Music Publishers guidelines.