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Staffing Announcement: Cherie Sinclair

FACTOR is pleased to announce Cherie Sinclair joining the senior team as Director of Programs

FACTOR welcomes an award-winning industry leader who brings a broad range of vision with her background in music video production at several houses, Executive Director of Alert Music, festival program manager, and artist manager and management consultant. Originally from Saskatoon, Cherie has served on multiple CARAS committees and a variety of video juries, and was advisor to the (formerly) Ryerson Professional Music Program as well as their Music Den Steering Committee. Reporting to Meg Symsyk, President & CEO, Sinclair will be responsible for ensuring existing and future programs are true to their aims and delivering intended outcomes.

“Cherie’s diverse experience of managing thriving music businesses and working with artists, combines the exact skills needed for FACTOR’s ongoing design and assessment of programs to meet the needs of our clients  – the amazing Canadian artists and the companies that support them. I’m thrilled to have her join the FACTOR team,” remarked Symsyk.

“Working closely with Meg as consultant on Emergency Funds, I was struck by the vital work FACTOR is doing for a diverse breadth of Canadian talent and the broader sector of companies which work with them,” said Sinclair. “The opportunity to be part of a foundation which is a partner to propelling artists from discovery level to established to international strata is immensely appealing and I’m keen to dig in.”