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Applicant Annual Profile Review – February 28, 2020

The Annual Profile Review deadline is coming up on Friday February 28, 2020.

This is an important deadline for music company applicants looking to maintain or increase their company rating.

During the review period, FACTOR reassesses all applicant profiles in the system, following the review company ratings may go up or down. New ratings resulting from the annual review take effect on April 1, 2020.

Applicants should verify that the information provided in their applicant profile is accurate and up to date. This includes providing all data in support of qualifying criteria (such as artist rosters and qualifying releases), and gross revenue.

Music companies that do not update their profiles before the deadline risk losing their company rating if the mandatory information in their profiles has become outdated. They will not have another chance to be rated until the Semi-Annual Review in August (to achieve a 2 or 3 rating), or next year’s Annual Review (to achieve a 4 rating).

Read here for more information on Record Label Ratings, Artist Manager Ratings, Music Publisher Ratings, and Music Distributor Ratings.



– FACTOR encourages all clients to fill out the demographic questions on our portal. The information provided to us is confidential and allows us a better understanding of who is using our system and receiving funding. This information is used to consider notable trends when analyzing the impact of the funding, and in making decisions about program design and profile criteria.


– There is funding available for music publishers to support songwriter initiatives like co-writing projects and songwriter camps. More details and the Component Guidelines are available on our website.