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Artist Development & Juried Sound Recording Deadline – May 16, 2019

The Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording deadline is coming up on Thursday May 16, 2019. All applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT. There is no time like the present to start working on your applications! Leave enough time to update your bio, set your project goals, write your Artist Development plan, or prepare your Juried Sound Recording marketing plan.

First-time users:

If you have never applied to FACTOR before, you should first create and submit an Applicant Profile and an Artist Profile. Your profiles will automatically receive a provisional rating which allows you to start your project application.

To find out more about FACTOR profiles check our Profiles and Ratings for Artists page. You can refer to our Applicant Profile and Artist Profile tutorials to create your profiles.

Program Rules:

Please note that we made some important changes to our juried programs. See the updated rules below:

  1. Applicants can only apply to one of the two juried programs (either AD or JSR), and only at one of the two deadlines (May 16 or Oct 17).
  2. Applicants will not be able to apply to two deadlines in a row. If an applicant applies to the May 16 deadline, they cannot apply to either program at the October 17 deadline. Applicants will have to wait for their next eligible deadline (in this example, May 2020) to apply again. Think of it as “every other deadline”.
  3. There is one exception to the “every other deadline” rule. For each program, the top 20 applications that do not receive funding will be eligible to make improvements to their applications and reapply for the next deadline without waiting a full 12 months. Clients will be notified when the jury results are communicated if they are eligible for this exception.
  4. Applicants who applied to either juried program at the January 31, 2019 deadline are  allowed to apply to the May 16, 2019 deadline.

For more details about program changes click here.

Tips and Resources:

– Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording program guidelines provide an overview of important information you need to know before applying: program eligibility, program description, required application materials, assessment process, and eligible costs.

– Our Application Process page is a great guide to help you through the entire process.

– For the Artist Development program don’t forget to include all artist development activities in your artist development plan, which is incorporated into the application on the portal.

– For the Juried Sound Recording program you need to include a detailed marketing plan. You can use our Marketing Plan Guide as a reference.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your project coordinator.