Safer Spaces Resources

Everyone has the right to feel safe at any event they attend, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, gender identity, gender expression, mental disability, physical disability, place of origin, race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Event spaces, and all spaces, should be nonthreatening and supportive to all attendees.
Below are some resources for both event attendees and organizations to ensure they are providing safer spaces and support:
Sled Island: Safer Spaces & Inclusion

A good example of Safer Space & Inclusion policy that can foster safer and more inclusive spaces at festival events.

Good Night Out

Here you can find training to end sexual harassment and assault in venues, bars, clubs, and festivals.

Project Soundcheck

Dedicated to supporting festivals and large events in preventing sexual violence. Ottawa.

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts

This organization offers training resources on harassment in the workplace.

The 519 training

This organization provides tools and training for creating environments that are LGBTQ2S-inclusive, respectful, and welcoming.

The Red Tent

Winnipeg based organization providing education & training about safer spaces, respect and anti-oppression training.

A Checklist for Planning Accessible Events

A guide to planning an accessible event in which everyone can participate fully regardless of their ability.

Drug Checking at Music Festivals: A How-To Guide

This guide demonstrates how to do drug-checking in a legal way (in Canada) and how drug-checking fits with other harm reduction services.