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2023-2024 Program Updates


The last three fiscal years have seen the greatest number of applications and highest volume of funding to all sectors in the Canadian-owned music industry in FACTOR’s 40+ year history. This experience has informed the need to evolve our investment programs coming out of the pandemic-related volatility.

We recognize there is no one path to success and our programs are being modernized to match the ever-changing music business while allowing greater flexibility of funding use to only increase the value of FACTOR’s investment support.

Programs are designed for one of three laneways for our applicants: ARTISTSCOMPANIES, and COMMUNITY PROJECTS.
The Artist laneway has entry level ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, the newly minted JURIED SOUND RECORDING: SINGLE/EP, to JURIED SOUND RECORDING: ALBUM, through to the top tier ARTIST- ENTREPRENEUR program for artists who control some or all of their rights. An applicant may submit to one juried program per fiscal year. In the coming months, the standalone Video and Live Performance programs will be under review as we continue to modernize these in harmony with the suite of programs.

The Company laneway has entry level SUPPORT FOR ELIGIBLE MUSIC COMPANIES, the newly consolidated ENVELOPE: MID-TIER, and the ENVELOPE: TOP-TIER programs.

The Community laneway is designed for not-for-profits, associations, and companies that put on events, showcases, conferences, and workshops for the industry at large in our COLLECTIVE INITIATIVES program and entry level SPONSORSHIP program for innovative and pilot projects.

Artist & Company program applicants are directed to a laneway based on rights they control and are streamlined to apply to ONE PROGRAM annually.

We continue to prioritize funding artists, companies, and projects which demonstrate they are growing audience and engagement. Our programs are designed to graduate applicants through the programs to become sustainable on their own and thereby make room in FACTOR’s laneways for emerging talent.

This Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP program was designed to augment our current Artist programs as a stepping-stone from Artist Development to Juried Sound Recording: Album, as well as addressing that in today’s market, some genres are more singles/ep driven. The eligible expenses related to sound recording, marketing, video, showcase, radio marketing, and tour support are flexible with no caps to each component. The desired outcome is a budget that suits the specific project for success, as we understand this may vary depending on the artist and genre. Read the program guidelines here.
The Artist-Entrepreneur program is designed to replace the retired Comprehensive Artist program, with more flexibility and a menu of eligible expenses depending on the rights an artist controls. Existing Comprehensive Artist clients will onboard to this program by invite over the coming weeks. This modernized, top tier Artist program recognizes the position of artists who are maintaining ownership and control of their copyrights and investing in themselves. The eligible expenses related to sound recording, marketing, video, radio marketing, and live performances are flexible with no caps to each component. The desired outcome is a budget that suits the specific project success and the annual application format is similar to our Envelope: Top-Tier program, with an overall strategic business plan for all planned investments and project budgets, with funding based on assessment in a competitive pool against the annual budget.
The Envelope: Mid-Tier Funding for Music Companies program is allocated once a year for recipients to undertake a suite of activities fostering the development of Canadian artists and the promotion of their music. These activities can include expenses related to the production and marketing of Canadian sound recordings, domestic and international touring, showcasing, and concert production of Canadian artists, artist management, publishing of Canadian musical works, and business development – and must be central to the development of Canadian artists, the promotion of their music and the expansion of their audience. Applicant companies can only include activities for which they control the rights. Read the program guidelines here.
ARTIST DEVELOPMENT – This program was upgraded to recognize the growing costs for artists at the development level. The funding is now a one-time maximum investment of up to $5k for 75% of eligible expenses.

JURIED SOUND PROGRAMS – We have added a mid-tier Single/EP juried program for a maximum of $25k at 75% of eligible expenses. We will be announcing changes to flexibility to the JSR: Album for next fiscal.

COMPREHENSIVE ARTIST – This program has ended; however, existing clients and new applicants will be directed to the new Artist-Entrepreneur program launching in the coming weeks.

MARKETING & PROMOTION OF NON-FACTOR-FUNDED SOUND RECORDINGS – This program has ended and applicants that were accustomed to this program will be directed to the Juried Sound Recording, Artist-Entrepreneur or Envelope Programs depending on the applicant type.


  • May 18: Juried Sound Recording: Album Spring
  • May 25: Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP
  • September 7: Juried Sound Recording: Album Fall
  • September 14: Artist Development

We remind all ongoing client recipients that funding is not guaranteed, is dependent on capacity, and FACTOR’s business policies are always subject to change. Please review guidelines before every application.

We welcome all questions and feedback at