Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP

This program is now to new applications and the intake deadline is May 16, 2024.

The Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP program provides 50% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $25,000 to artists creating new recordings for a single and/or EP format, within a fiscal year. Specifically, five songs or less and under 20 minutes of recorded music.

This program is designed to augment FACTOR’s current Artist programs as a stepping stone from Artist Development to Juried Sound Recording: Album, as well as addressing that in today’s market, release planning and strategy has evolved. The eligible expenses related to sound recording, marketing, video, radio marketing, and live performance support are flexible with no caps to each component. The desired outcome is a budget that suits the specific project success, as FACTOR understands this may vary depending on artist and genre.

All eligible expenses related to a JSR: Single/EP project must be incurred prior to end of FACTOR’s fiscal year, March 31, 2025.

In order to fill out a Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP application in the FACTOR online system, you will first need a rated Artist Profile and Applicant Profile.

With your Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP application, you must submit:

1-2 MP3 assessment tracks, with lyrics if applicable

Track listing for your proposed release(s)

Current artist bio

Marketing plan for release(s)

Frequently Asked:

Can I be funded in JSR: Single/EP if I’ve previously been funded through JSR: Album?

Yes, you may be funded in both forms of JSR (Album and Single/EP) up to a combined maximum of three times in the JSR programs’ lifetime.

Can a band apply to a JSR program if some/all of its members have been previously funded through JSR? Would their previous funding count toward the max three for future band projects?

An artist can be funded three times in Juried Sound Recording – any combination of Album and Single/EP. If a previously JSR-funded artist becomes a band member of a different group seeking JSR funding, it may affect their eligibility. Same would apply to artists funded through JSR in a band project now beginning a solo venture. Contact your Project Coordinator to verify eligibility prior to starting an application.

Can tracks funded in Single/EP be part of a LP project at a future date?

Yes. However, the FACTOR funded tracks will not be eligible for additional funding in a new project.  Contact your Project Coordinator if including previously-funded recordings in a new Album project.

What should my budget look like: is there a sample template?

This is available at the portal for the program application.

Does the budget include eligible expenses incurred between April 1, 2024, and application date of May 16, 2024?

Yes, include spending towards the project which takes place within the fiscal year of April 1-March 31.  This rule does not apply to the Juried Sound Recording: Album program.

How many JSR: Single/EP projects may a label submit in a fiscal year?

A record label Applicant may submit no more than two sound recording applications, per deadline, to the JSR program; the applications must be for different artists.

Components in this program

Eligible activities and costs in this program can include expenses relating to Sound Recording, Marketing, Radio Marketing, Live Performance, and Video. There are no caps to individual components as we encourage the best flexibility towards the success of the recording and release plans. All JSR applications must include a sound recording element.

Who is Eligible

  • General Artist
  • Record Label 2
  • Record Label (Approved)
  • Record Label 3
  • Artist 2
  • Artist (Approved)

Artists rated General and Artist 2 and record labels rated Approved, 2, 3, and 4. For this fiscal year, previous CMC companies onboarding to the Company Envelope: Mid-Tier program may apply.


The intake deadline for fiscal 2024-2025 is May 16, 2024 at 5:00pm ET.


Please note:

Artists may only apply to one juried program (Artist Development, Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP, or Juried Sound Recording: Album) within a fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).

Funding & Payments

The Juried Sound Recording: Single/EP funding  contributes 50% of the total eligible budget, to a maximum of  $25,000.  Funding is paid out 50% on approval and the remainder on final completion. 

Assessment Process

Assessment materials are reviewed and scored by a jury comprised of music industry professionals. The top-scoring applications are then reviewed by FACTOR staff, who assess the eligibility of the projects and costs and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for their approval. Assessment time is expected to be 8-10 weeks from the deadline and may be affect by volume of submissions and juror availability.