Company Envelope: Mid-Tier

Company Envelope: Mid-Tier is intended to serve businesses between FACTOR’s entry level Support for Eligible Music Companies programs and the Company Envelope: Top-Tier program. It is designed for increased flexibility for eligible activities and expenses during the program year.

Frequently Asked:

Where to find the application?

Applications must be submitted through FACTOR’s portal. Access is granted via your applicant rating – please contact if you believe you are eligible, but do not have the required rating to apply.

I have existing JSR projects remaining active/generating expenses after the Mid-Tier intake. Will the costs be honoured or lost?

Recipients in the Mid-Tier of the Company Envelope program may apply for and maintain juried programs on behalf of their artists if they meet all eligibility criteria. Please see the Company Envelope program guidelines for detail.

Can an applicant apply budget to activities not yet set in stone – i.e. signing an artist to our roster mid-way through the year and investing in their career?

Yes, budget for these potential expenditures – with all possible realism.

Do I include all expenses (flight, accommodations, per diem, registration fees) when attending a conference?

Yes, include all expenses as the travel costs normally put through SEMC are now included in your annual Envelope funding plan.

Components in this program

There are no components outside of the main Company Envelope: Mid-Tier funding in this program.

Who is Eligible

Canadian companies which invest in: the production and promotion of sound recordings by Canadian artists, tours and showcases by Canadian artists, publishing of Canadian musical works, and the management of Canadian artists.

Specifically, record labels, music publishers, and artist managers. Artist managers must have the competencies to advise their artists on all matters related to their musical careers and are actively involved in promoting their artists’ music and need to control rights if applying for recordings or publishing activities.

Companies which undertake concert production activities may be eligible if they demonstrate responsibility (i.e. artistically and financially) for all aspects related to the live activities of their artists. This relationship must be enshrined in a contract between the company and their artists.

Companies that are interested in this program and are new to the FACTOR system are invited to create an Applicant Profile prior to the program deadline. Please contact FACTOR to discuss.

If the majority of the company’s investments relate to French-language artists, applicants should submit their application to Musicaction. Applicants representing both French-and English-language artists whose proportion of production/marketing of French-language musical content is less than 50% can still submit their application to Musicaction if they typically submitted their application to them in the past.


The intake deadline for fiscal 2024-2025 (April 1 – March 31) has passed.

Funding & Payments

The maximum funding level for individual companies is up to $100,000; affiliated companies are capped at $150,000. The percentage of FACTOR’s contribution is 50% of total eligible expenses.

Assessment Process

For full details on how applications are assessed make sure you read the program guidelines.

Contributions to Canadian music companies will be determined on two main criteria:

  • The companies’ ability to reach audiences (assessed based on the applicant’s recent revenues and recent investments); and,
  • The companies’ efforts to develop the careers of Canadian artists, to promote and develop audiences (based on an assessment of the business plan, including planned investments).

As Company Envelope: Mid-Tier funding provides financial support for companies’ investment plans in their Canadian artists in the upcoming fiscal year, the bulk of the budget is allocated via assessments of those plans. The budget is divided across the three assessment steps: 40% on revenue, 30% on recent investments and 30% for planned investments.