Congratulations on becoming FACTOR funded!

Below you’ll find some of the more common scenarios where you might need a hand, or should get in touch with your project coordinator. We also encourage you to review our guides, templates, and acknowledgement requirement information found on FACTOR’s Resources for Recipients page.

There are several steps required before you can submit your completion for a project or project component. This is covered within our Completion Guide.  Familiarizing yourself with this guide (and your project’s Program Guidelines) will help you be prepared and organized while managing your FACTOR project.

 If you’re unsure about the eligibility of certain costs or activities, don’t hesitate to contact your project coordinator. They’re here to help guide you through the FACTOR process!

Making Changes to an Approved Component or Project

We understand that plans may change from the time of your original submission to when you begin working on your completion. However, failure to first clear significant changes with FACTOR may result in a reduction of funding or ineligibility of your component. No one wants that! To avoid it, we strongly recommend that you contact your project coordinator as soon as possible to discuss any project changes. He or she will let you know if your intentions are acceptable within the program you’ve been approved for. Here are the most common reasons to get in touch about your initiatives within approved projects:

a. Changes to key elements: Goals, Component Information, Public Funding

Examples of such changes could include:

  • A change in producer, director, mastering studio
  • Changes to eligible travellers
  • Changes to the songs you’re recording
  • Changes to tour or travel dates

b. Changes to your project’s budget(s)

Some components include a budget on application. All components will require a budget on completion. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the Eligible Costs – General Terms within our Business Policies, as well as the eligible costs specific to each program or component listed in the Program Guidelines.

If you need to adjust an existing budget, note the following:

  • If your proposed budget changes include increases or adjustments that affect no more than 25% of your total budget and do not conflict with the program guidelines, individual cost caps, or maximums for your particular project component, you may submit your completion without notifying FACTOR of those changes in advance.
  • If your proposed budget changes include increases or adjustments that are more significant, affect more than 25% of your total budget, or are for expenses that you do not see listed as eligible within the program guidelines, contact your project coordinator before making any changes or incurring any new costs. Your project coordinator will go over the proposed changes and will let you know if they are acceptable for your project component.

If you plan to spend less than your proposed application budget in any or all categories, you do not need to notify FACTOR in advance; however, be aware that in most programs a reduction in claimed expenses may result in a reduction to your final offer of funding.

c. Signing with a Record Label

If you have received funding for a full-length sound recording and you are considering signing to or licensing with a record label for that recording, you must inform FACTOR prior to finalizing that action. Failure to inform FACTOR before signing or licensing with a record label contravenes the legal agreement between you and FACTOR, and could result in a full repayment of all funds. You can read more about FACTOR’s rules in the Business Policies: Disposition of Masters.


Requesting Deadline Extensions

Each program/component is subject to a specific timeline of possible extensions, as detailed in the Business Policies: Deadlines and ExtensionsMake sure to contact your project coordinator as soon as possible if you need to extend your completion deadline. FACTOR will not extend deadlines if requested after your initial deadline has passed.

To request a completion extension, you must provide your project coordinator with the following information:

  • Your project number
  • Your project component type (sound recording, marketing)
  • The reason for extension
  • Details on how far along the project is, what has been done so far, and what remains to be done
  • Your preferred new deadline date

The Completion Process

a. Accessing your Component’s Completion

Log in to your user dashboard. Navigate to your project tab. Select the project you want to work on by clicking on the project number. This will take you to the project home page.

On the project home page, there is a field for notes from FACTOR and your project’s component table, which shows any active components within the project. This table will also set out any of your project’s component deadlines.  You will receive notifications to remind you of these deadlines while your project is in progress.

Within the component table, you will see your component’s application and completion. Click on the completion to open a new window and access the final stages of your FACTOR project.

b. The Completion Process Overview

The completion of a component is filled out and submitted in much the same way as your application. Its purpose is to provide FACTOR with an outline of the results of the component, any changes that occurred along the way, and how the funding was spent.

Refer to the Completion Guide for detailed instructions on this process.

Important: You will need to provide FACTOR with scans of all invoices, receipts, and proofs of payment related to your component. You will also be required to fill out an itemized cost report spreadsheet. This material together is referred to as your expense documentation. Ensure you have your component’s supporting expense documentation organized and available to scan before you begin filling out your completion. You risk failing FACTOR’s audit process if you claim an expense without providing supporting expense documentation. Remember, all costs must be invoiced and paid before you submit your completion.

Depending on your program, you may also be required to upload other completion documentation such as: finished MP3s and lyrics, a signed Studio Work log (for sound recordings), a signed Supplier’s Declaration form (for sound recordings and video producers), or a tour agency settlement sheet (for tours). These requirements are outlined within the project’s Program Guidelines and General Agreement.

Required Logos and Acknowledgment

Including the logo(s) and acknowledgement text on all funded sound recordings, videos, printed materials and online materials is a mandatory condition of your FACTOR funding. Failure to provide the proper logos and credits will result in a financial penalty or a withdrawal of all the funding for your project.

There are different acknowledgment obligations depending on which program your project is funded under. These are outlined in your project’s general agreement and in the FACTOR Business Policies: Credit and Logo.

Important: Please contact your project coordinator prior to creating material If you’re unsure about where and whether to include a logo or acknowledgement credit for your project.