Profiles & Ratings for Artists

As an artist applying to FACTOR, there are three profiles you may need.

In order to submit an application for funding, you will first need to create a User Profile to log in to our online system.

To apply for and accept funding from FACTOR, you need an Applicant Profile.

The third profile is the Artist Profile, which informs FACTOR more about you as an artist, and provides the information required to assess your artist rating within FACTOR’s artist rating system


How the FACTOR Artist Rating System Works

The artist rating determines which programs the artist can apply to on their own behalf; and which programs someone else can apply to for a project involving that artist.  The artist rating also sets the level of funding in different programs and components.

In some programs, such as Company Envelope: Mid-Tier, the artist profile must be reviewed and rated by FACTOR, but the artist rating is not relevant to the eligibility of the project.

Completing the Additional Information section of an Artist profile is mandatory for requesting rating above General and also strongly encouraged for all applicants.

Annual Review

Upon first creation in the client portal and submission for review, all new Artist profiles will receive a General rating.

An Annual Review will occur for all profiles around the transition from one fiscal year to the next. At this time, ratings may be adjusted between tiers. An artist with significant market activity and impending business reason for accessing higher-tier funding support may also request a rating review at other times of year through their Project Coordinator.

It is requested that all Additional Information sections be updated by 5:00pm ET February 29, 2024, for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Mid-Year Review

A by-request mid-year review will occur in Fall of 2024, with deadline date TBA. For artists whose recent market activity would merit a higher rating, log in to the client portal, update the Additional Information section in your Artist profile, and request review through your assigned Project Coordinator. FACTOR staff assess the Artist profiles with updated Additional Information data and results of the reviews are communicated to artist profile administrators.

Who gets Artist 2 and Artist 3?

FACTOR staff assess all the Artist profiles with Additional Information data at the time of the Annual Review and case-by-case for those requesting review at other times.

Criteria for consideration of higher rating includes number of recent past concert dates, number of confirmed upcoming concert dates, fees commanded per date, sales & streaming history and current activity, revenue from sync licensing, radio airplay, and engagement with audience. As a baseline, in the 2024-2025 fiscal, artists qualifying for 2 and 3 ratings met thresholds in a variety of combinations in these categories.

FACTOR assigns as many Artist 2 and Artist 3 ratings as budgets can support.