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Artist Development & Juried Sound Recording Deadline – May 31, 2018

The Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording Deadline is coming up on Thursday May 31, 2018. All Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST. We advise you to start working on your Applications well ahead of time. Now is the time to update your bio, determine your project goals, write your Artist Development Plan, or prepare your JSR marketing plan.

Last year, FACTOR received over 3000 applications to both the Artist Development Program and the Juried Sound Recording Program. FACTOR funded roughly one third of submitted projects, which means that both programs are pretty competitive.

If you have never applied to FACTOR before, you must first create and submit an Artist Profile and an Applicant Profile before you can create and submit your Project application. You may do this any time, including the same day you submit your application. To do so, complete only the Mandatory Information section of the Artist Profile. Once you have created and submitted these profiles, they will automatically receive a provisional rating that allows you to go straight to the application process. You do not have to wait for the profiles to be reviewed by FACTOR before starting your application.

NOTE: you can only submit an application to one of these programs per deadline. If you submit projects to both the AD program and the JSR program, your project coordinator will have to reject one of these projects as ineligible.

Below are some useful tips to create a strong Application:

Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording Program Guidelines

– An overview of important information you need to know before applying: required application materials, who is eligible, how applications are assessed, and how payments are made.

Application Details Guide

– If you are new to FACTOR follow along with our step-by-step guide. It makes the process (almost) painless.

Application Process Guide

– Instructions for creating and submitting a new project application.

Applicant Resources

– Here you can access some useful resources such as the Artist Development Plan (required for all applications to the Artist Development program), the Marketing Plan Guide (a marketing plan is required for all JSR projects), the Juried Assessment Preparation Guide (the bible for AD and JSR applicants), and every FACTOR form you’ll ever need.