The Video program contributes to the cost of producing music videos for eligible Canadian sound recordings by artists rated 2 and 3.

Components in this program

A maximum of $40,000 in video funding is available per qualifying release per fiscal year, across all programs. This means that applications for video support within this program will diminish the amount that can be requested in the video component of any other program.

The only component in this program is Video.

Who is Eligible

  • Artist 2
  • Artist 3

Unsigned artists may apply on their own behalf if they have an artist rating of 2 or higher. If the artist has an artist rating of 2 or higher but is signed to a Canadian record label (with any applicant rating), the record label must apply. 

MEC-supported companies and Envelope Funding recipients are not eligible to apply.


This program has rolling deadlines. You can apply multiple times throughout the year, up to the funding maximum.

Funding & Payments

50% of the funding is paid out on approval and the remainder on final completion. FACTOR will contribute 75% of the total eligible budget up to a project maximum of 20,000 for Artist 2, and $40,000 for Artist 3.

Assessment Process

FACTOR staff assess the eligibility of the projects and costs and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for their approval. Assessment time is six to eight weeks from the date of application.