Funding for National Service Organizations

Funding for National Service Organizations (NSO) aims to ensure that NSOs support Canadian music entrepreneurs to build a strong and competitive industry capable of contributing long-term to the Canadian musical experience, through a diverse range of compelling Canadian voices. The objective of this program is to increase the creation of and access to a diverse selection of Canadian music for audiences everywhere, by enhancing the ability of NSOs to compete in domestic and international markets.

Components in this program

There are no components outside of the main funding component in this program.

Who is Eligible

Canadian not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. At the time of the application, and through to the end of the term of any funding agreement, the applicant must:

  • • be incorporated as a Canadian not-for-profit organization under the laws of Canada or a province or territory;
  • • have completed at least two years of continuous operation;
  • • manage an annual budget of at least $300,000, excluding government grants and contributions (based on the information in the application form and the financial statements submitted with the application);
  • • serve Canadian artists and entrepreneurs working in the music industry, namely, sound recording producers, music publishers, songwriters, distributors, artistic agents and agents of the music industry;
  • • be engaged in activities at the national level;
  • • deliver activities involved in at least two segments of Canada’s music industry, such as production, publishing, distribution or marketing or promotion of artists or artistic works; and
  • • demonstrate its capacity to manage the proposed projects.



The intake deadline for fiscal 2024-2025 (April 1 – March 31) has passed.

Funding & Payments

Funding is up to 75% of eligible expenses for up to a maximum of $650,000 per fiscal year.

Assessment Process

Applicants are to submit a Business Plan for year-long activities with clear objectives and measurable results that meet program objectives. Please refer to the program guidelines for which elements to include in your business plan.

FACTOR will evaluate all eligible applications using the following criteria:

  • • the degree to which the proposed activities in your business plan contribute to the strategic priorities of your organization and meet the program objectives;
  • • your organization’s capacity to implement the business plan within the allotted timeframe, e.g. experience, human and financial resources;
  • • the degree to which the expected outcomes are measurable.
  • • the impact of the project on the music community.