Envelope Funding for Music Companies

Envelope Funding for Music Companies is allocated once a year for a recipient to undertake a suite of activities fostering the development of Canadian artists and the promotion of their music. This can include expenses related to the production and marketing of sound recordings, domestic and international tours and showcases, music publishing, artist management and business development activities.

Components in this program

There are no components outside of the main Envelope Funding in this program.

Who is Eligible

For the 2020-2021 pilot year, Envelope Funding will be available to Canadian music companies that meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the Program Guidelines. Companies will provide information to verify eligibility in their FACTOR Applicant Profile. Be advised that eligibility criteria for this program may change in future fiscal years.

Companies that are interested in this program and are new to the FACTOR system are invited to create an Applicant Profile prior to the program deadline. Please contact FACTOR to discuss.

If the majority of the company’s investments relate to French-language artists, applicants should submit their application to Musicaction. Applicants representing both French-and English-language artists whose proportion of production/marketing of French-language musical content is less than 50% can still submit their application to Musicaction if they typically submitted their application to them in the past.


Application materials must be uploaded to the Applicant Profile in the FACTOR portal by April 15, 2020, 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Funding & Payments

The maximum funding level for individual companies is $650,000; affiliated companies are capped at $800,000. The percentage of FACTOR’s contribution is 50% of total eligible expenses.

Assessment Process

Funding in this program is calculated based on an application detailing the applicant’s recent success (revenues from the last 3 fiscal years) and investments (eligible expenses) for the coming year, compared with applications from peer companies.

Revenue Assessment (40%): Applicants are scored on the ratio of planned investments to the company’s revenues. This will establish separate funding levels for small, medium and large companies for purposes of peer comparison in the investment assessment.

Investment Assessment (60%): Applicants are scored in the following areas:

  • Investments in new artists – to account for the CMF’s objective to help ensure the continued development of new Canadian artists (see definition in Glossary)
  • Investments in artists from CMF priority groups – in support of diversity and inclusion policy priorities, incentivizing investments in Indigenous artists, as well as Francophone artists from official language minority communities and artists from visible minorities.
  • International investments – in support of the CMF’s objective to develop audiences for Canadian artists outside of Canada.
  • Analysis of the company’s organizational capacity and ability to make the planned investments, as demonstrated through the Business Plan, public funding history, and financial ratios.