• Semi-Annual Profile Review August 2017

    As of this year, the Semi-Annual Profile Review will be conducted by client request only. The Semi-Annual Profile Review deadline is Thursday, August 31 2017.

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  • Annual Artist Profile Review – Tuesday February 28th 2017

    Twice a year FACTOR reviews all the artist profiles in our system and reassigns artist ratings. The next profile review deadline is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Clients should log in to portal.factor.ca and verify that the information provided in their artist profile is accurate and up-to-date by 11:59pm PST on this date.

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  • Jan26
    Artist Development & Juried Sound Recording Deadline

    If you plan to submit to the Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording deadline, now is the time to be updating those artist profile bios, determining your project goals, writing your Artist Development Plan, and preparing your JSR marketing plan.

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    New Profile Deadline

    If it’s your first time applying to FACTOR for the Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording deadline next week, make sure that your artist profile and applicant profile have been submitted for review today. Profiles submitted after today will not be rated before the application deadline on Thurs, Sept 29, so you’ll have to wait til the next deadline to apply.

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